Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Mother's Day card

At my hubby's request, I made a Mother's Day card for my 95 year old MIL. She's a really classy lady and is still living alone but with someone coming in to help her with food and general care a couple times a day. My hubby is flying down to NC to see her on Mother's Day and he'll deliver the card in person. I'm not able to go because of job responsibilities next week. I don't think I'll need to worry that she'll see the card before Mother's Day if I post it now. :)

I used a PMS stamp -"Ashlie", prima flowers, double sided design paper that I bought a long time ago at Funky Munky Scraps and brads from Spare Parts. Hemie's (what all her grandchildren call her instead of grandma) favorite color has always been aqua so I hope she likes this. I wish I had a Happy Mother's Day stamp for the right hand corner. Maybe I'll try to print something on the computer and add it yet.

Everyone have a great day!


  1. 95 years old??? Oh my God what a blessing!

    This is too cute...I know she'll love it!

  2. This is wonderful Carma!! 95! Wow!!

  3. This is a lovely card! I know that she will love how pretty it is and be so touched that you made it yourself! Wonderful...